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Welcome! Benvenuto!

My name is Stefano Intelisano.  Based in Austin, TX, I am passionate about my work as a live and studio musician, and I'd be grateful to know more about serving your show/tour, recording (live or remote), or instructional needs.  Ciao!

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I record keys for remote and studio sessions.

My process:
Internalize the music, pay attention to the lyrics, trust instinct and intuition, stay connected to the emotions and capture them. Then, I step back, listen, and revise if needed.

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Serve and Lead while playing Music

Being a "side-man/hired-gun" has always felt natural to me on stage. I think of it as an art form. Art is an expression of creativity that we all possess.

Finding creative ways to enrich a job that is assigned to us can be a beautiful challenge. This is true for the recording studio mindset and even more so for live performance, where the "entertainment-in-the-moment" element plays a key role.

Listening to and supporting the ensemble you're part of can beautifully translate into an everyday life attitude.


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Imagine - Communicate - Be Yourself

I'm always happy and excited to share the lessons I continue to learn in the course of my four decades of relationship with the keys. Lots of different experiences across many genres and ways to communicate on stage and in the recording studio.

I think it is especially important to direct the focus towards the current music industry ever-evolving goals and needs. The challenge being how to be relevant and heard in today's complex scenario while staying true to our vision.

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Click here to see a full listing of artists and albums featuring my work, with links to listen.


A few albums featuring my work.

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I enjoy rich relationships in music, and look forward to hearing from you. Simply use the form below to get connected.